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14th Annual Event

🌟 Celebrating our 14th annual iPhone Film Festival and Mozi Motion! 🎥🌍 We received thousands of incredible films from hundreds of countries worldwide, just like in previous years. Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated! 🙌🎉 #IFF2023 #MoziMotion

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Making a Mobile Film

Behind the scene from our winners of 9th annual iPhone Film Festival | MoziMotion

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Here our inspiring speakers.

Ruben Kazantsev

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Renata Rinyu

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History of iPhone Film Festival | MoziMotion

We created the iPhone Film Festival to support the talented filmmakers that use the latest technology available from a mobile device to create stories in a cinematic way




We built a word of mouth marketing strategy and soon we had media coverage from across the globe, like BBC, MovieMaker Magazine and much more.We wanted to show to the world that, filmmakers are in control of their own stories and the new mobile technology catapults the filmmaker from concept to completion without waiting for a major investor or a network to approve their work.






First year at MacWorld: a memorable event with an overwhelming support both from filmmakers and audiences.
Filmmakers traveled to San Francisco from South Korea, Spain, Belarus, Hungary, Poland. The message of motivation was loud and clear.


Screened Departure at MacWorld. We showed the dedication of iPhone filmmakers, collaboration, skill, and creativity. Departure was then officially selected at the Cannes Film Festival.

The announcement of MacWorld closing its doors after 30 years was a shock to everyone. However, this provided us the opportunity to spread our wings internationally.


We partnered with a South Korean company “Olleh” and took our event to Seoul. This truly put the iPhone Film Festival at a global scale.

Returning to our roots, helped us understand where we began and who we are. We were impressed and got so much more then we anticipated.



Partnered with Dutch Media Week, Mobile Movie Days and Museum Hilversum which is a media festival event that takes place in Hilversum Netherlands.

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision joins our mobile movement and becomes a partner. The festival was well received, and it subsequently became an annual event in Hilversum.



After an overwhelming response to the previous years, we have decided to change things and to do a student contest out of a workshop idea.


This year brings the 10th edition of the iPhone Film Festival, the world’s most publicized mobile event. The festival, a marathon of films, presents many categories, from competitions between high schools to highly anticipated international mobile films.
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