Wrecking Ball

City of Lions – Wrecking Ball

“Worlds first music video shot with apples iPhone 5S”

Director/Editor: Jason Shelton Chad Smith: Lead Vocals Cait Smith: Vocals Butch Shelton: Set Designer Matt Sellwood: money hockey player
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S, Kessler Pocket jib, Photo JoJo EF mount, Rokinon cinema lenses 24mm 35mm 85mm, Konova slider, Edited with adobe premiere pro CC
Behind the scenes pictures at: http://iphone5smusicvideo.com/behind-the-scenes/
USA California
Thank you and we hope you like our music video shot with the iPhone 5S. We stood in line for 20 hours and started shooting when we got the phone. The turn around time for this project was 12 hours, shot and edited.
Jason Shelton
Behind the Scenes

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