Happenstance – Worlds 1st iPhone Film

Directed by: Ken Simpson
Starring: Saffron Cassaday, Anthony Greene

1. Filmed using the Cycorder app (The 3Gs wasn’t out then)

2. I used Netatalk to acces the root directories of the iphone in order to pull the footage off the phone.

3. Converted the footage to 29.97 Apple Prores files

4. Edited the video in FCP in a 16×9 timeline (thus cutting off the top and bottom of the original 4×3 footage but allowing me to reposition if needed)

5. Exported two versions A. 360 x 180 (size as master) and B. 640 x 360 for viewing at the festival

Interestingly enough, I found that using the audio from the reverse angles was considerably better than using the audio from the actual subject I was shooting. For example, most of Anthony’s final dialogue was taken from Saffron’s close ups and vice versa.

Given the source’s low resolution, slow shutter and wild frame rates I doubt that most people could tell there were any lip-synching issues.

Shooting with the iphone was a really liberating experience, since I knew at the get go that visual fidelity wasn’t paramount, I was able to let go and just experiment with the angles and freedom of locations…I would’ve been stopped immediately if I tried to board a street car filming with my bulky XL-1 🙁
iPhone Film Festival

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