The Fixer

Written, directed & produced By Conrad Mess

Actors :
Paul May
Mike Dawson
Martin Rice
Destroyer Queen

Mi segundo corto amateur, PRAY FOR DAWN era un trailer. My second amateur short movie, PRAY FOR DAWN was a trailer. Rodado unicamente con un teléfono móvil y unos amigos. Shot just with a mobile phone camera and a few friends.Espero que os guste. I hope you like it.


Miguel Johnson (Senior Contributor)

There’s no way this could have been shot on an iPhone. The Time Fixer actually reminded me of a comic book hero, I can’t think of his name right now but he had wings.  The Time Fixer has finely mixed an attention grabbing story, and awesome special effects. The film didn’t have the feeling that any of the special effects were overused or out of place. The storyline also had a comic book feel to it. It was able to convey the meaning of the story while at the same time leaving questions unanswered. The Time Fixer had a raw feel to it with a strong potential for additional content. While the actors didn’t speak, a narrator (The Time Fixer himself) explained the story and filled in any loose gaps that could have been missed or otherwise not conveyed in the film itself. The Time Fixer was simply brilliant, the acting, directing, voice over, and post production was amazing. It had the stroke of a million dollar production, but was all shot from an iPhone.

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