The Editor

The short I shot on iphone4. I used RedRock micro shoulder mount, tripod, glidecam 2000 and car mounts. Edited in Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

Written and Directed by
Chris Nong

iPhone4 as itself

The Editor – Vitaliy Tumchenok

“The Black Tea” girl – Ksenya Markevich

Agent #1 – Mikhail Lisovsky

Agent #2 – Alex Muslik

Agent #3/The Driver – Viacheslau Zhadan

Dissatisfied Producer – Alexandr Lisovskv

The Visionary Director in the end – Vadim Kheifets

The Editor in the end/Special Effects – Maxim Gerasimenko

BMW driver – Evgenii Nazevskiy

Thug with a gun – Nitita Kochnev

Miguel Johnson (Senior Contributor)

Three stories eloquently wrapped into one story.  The Editor managed to capture your senses with a Russian Mobster style film, it then transitions to a film of an editor attempting to balance his love life with his passion, then again rewraps you in a story of an editor editing a film. The artists did a great job of steadying the first two films together. They did provided enough material in the first two films to keep the audience wanting more and in suspense. However, there were a lot of questions unanswered in the third and final film. Nevertheless it is an amazing storyline and the acting and cast was A+.

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