Money Bag

Title: Money Bag

Director : Sun ung Kim

Camera: iPhone 4

Running time: 11 minutes 55 seconds

Genre : Thriller,Black Comedy

Original image size : 1280X720(HD)

Country: South Korea

Actor: Jin ung Bea
Actress: Na Han

Production: Sun ung Kim
Writer / Director: Sun ung Kim
Planning: Jin soo Kim
Producer: Jin soo Kim
Cinematographer: Jin kwang Jeong
Gaffe: Deuk sang Jo
Editor: Sun ung Kim
Conti: Myeong su Hong
Assistant Director: Kwang su Son
Production department: Ung hee Choi and Tae rim Lee
Recording Department: Gwi sik Choi
Trillion people department: Ji hun Min, Ho jang Ryu and Seung tae Gwon
Photographer: Cheof woo Kim
Hair Makeup: Style M (Min jeong Sin)
Special makeup: CJM FX (Ji min Cheon and Han na Jeong)
Sound: Won jun Choi
Location cooperation: Seoul Film Commission (Dong sik Kim)
Clothing sponsor: Billy Willy, Liz
Vehicle Sponsorship: Seung woo Back
Sponsorship prop: Byeong seok Choi
Recording Equipment Sponsorship: HANENT, KT, Yang bae Kim

Helping people:
Sun hyuk Kim, Ji ho Sim, Eun il Lee, Sang il Jin, Ji in Park, Myeong il Yu, Gyeong seo Park, Dae cha Kim

Synopsis : The lady who has a black bag is sitting on the bench to take a bus in empty terminal. A man who appears suddenly steals quickly the lady’s black bag and runs away.
The man drives at high speed from the terminal to hotel across downtown
When the man arrives at a hotel room, a woman welcomes the man in the room. The woman lays the man on the bed and ties his both hands at bed.
After a while, she pierces his abdomen with a pointed gimlet with excitement and then go out of room with black bag which man stole ,however……

Miguel Johnson (Senior Contributor)

This is one of the films that has nothing at all to say, zero dialogue but somehow your eyes are glued to the screen. I normally watch most of the films, if not all at least three to four times. I then narrow my selection down by various ways, corporate secret, but somehow I manage to gravitate back to specific films. Money Bags was one of those films that I initially told myself I wasn’t going to like. Yet, it grabbed me. I watch a few minutes then stop it, then in my mind I kept asking myself, “I wonder what happened next.” I then got to another turning point in the film, watched half of it and would stop it again. Within minutes I was back watching it again. It’s become one of those type films that I truly enjoy, the music selection is perfect, the actors simply amazing. Money Bags is one of those films that once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. But you want everyone near you to see it too, so you watch it again, and again, and again.

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