Magic Bullet

Name:  Errol Schwartz
Name of Film:  Magic Bullet
Film Credits:  Errol Schwartz (writer, producer, director)
Humphrey Bande (co-producer)
Tim Christokat (cinematographer)

Device Used:  iPhone 5
Synopsis of the film: Desperate to make ends meet, and win back his HIV-positive fiancée, a man is hired to destroy a cure that could save his relationship
Software & hardware used: 

Filmic Pro, MovieSlate iPad app, Shot Lister, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Magic Bullet Looks, Magic Bullet Denoiser,
Phocus iPhone casing with SLR adapter, iPad (with MovieSlate app), customized iPhone rig built by Flash, HDMI cable between phone & monitor, 35mm & 50mm Carl Zeiss lenses, home-built grips & dolley, Zoom H4N
Country: Cape Town, South Africa

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