Los Lovekills

by elFormato

This is the first short documentary made entirely in Mexico with an iPhone 4. Miguel Marquez, elFormato creative director, invites you to see this miniDoc which was recorded on June 17 at Fat Crow Plaza Antara in Mexico City.

3 iPhones 4 with HD camera were used , strategically placed on the bar, one with the help of Mathell Corner, who recorded the perspective of the singer, Roberto Martinez, the second bar is located on the top of a crystal glass; and the third carried portable way by Miguel Marquez, who also directs this miniDoc.

For those producers, editors, photographers and fans of the video and gadgets, this miniDoc is an example that small equipment are extremely reliable on producing incredible pieces that capture espectators eyes.

The iPhone 4 is a wonderful tool, with excellent audio, resolution 1280×720 at 24 fps. This smart phone gives us quality and that ¨filmlook ¨ that the filmmakers are so fond. Apps We use, like the 8mm, Super8, iMovie for iPhone and the camera’s HD device.

So we invite you to see the first documentary made with a smart phone, Miguel Marquez shows once again that to direct and produce big, all you need is will and rely on the talents you posses.

We hope you enjoy!

Attn: elFormato and elFormato miniDocs

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