Winner 1st place “iPhone 6 Budapest”

Name of Film iPhone 6 Budapest
Credits Gergo Guba
Gabor Lenart
Benedek Varga
Norbert Bracsok
Attila Kothencz
Panka Kovacs
Sam Angeli
Category Cinematography
Device Used iPhone 6
Other Device
Synopsis iPhone6 Budapest is a non-profit project from Hungary. The video was shot entirely with one Apple iPhone6. The goal was to show Budapest from a unique perspective. It shows a street photographer girl who is trying to slow down our busy world with her analog camera.
Equipment Used Hardware:
Apple iPhone 6
Manfrotto Tripod
Camera Slider
Built-in Camera app
Instagram Hyperlapse
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Sony Vegas 13
Adobe Lightroom 5
Location Film Shot Hungary, Budapest

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