Name: Gal Muggia
Name of Film: Terry Poison – “Gorgeous”
Type of Film: Music Video
Device Used: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 (with additional shots made with Canon 5D mark 2 and Panasonic PC cameras)
Synopsis: A DIY bullet time made with 52 iPhones. The video follows a night in the life of the band Terry-Poison, from the glorious moments on stage to the grimm reality of real life.
Software and hardware used for your film: A PC computer with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
Country: Israel
Film Credits:
Director: Gal Muggia
DOP: Mosh Mishali
Editor: Amir Winkler
Post: Yotam Guendelman & Gal Muggia
Color: Yotam Guendelman
Lights: Israel , Yotam Guendelman
Producer: Roni Tal
Styling: Ben Zeiger
Set Design and Props: John Yonatan Jacoby
Assistant Director: Tal Greenberg
Assistant Camera: Neer Ariel
Makeup: Ayelet Shimoni
Hair: Idan Vanunu
Creative Adviser: Ben Giladi
Spacial Rig Built by: Kay
Camera assistant 2: Gil Valabrega
Production Assistants: Ziv Mamon


Alon Hutter
Morten Berthelson
Eilon Korach
Daniel Kuchuck
Josef Laimon
Shahaf Yinon

iPhone Shoots

Assistant Camera: Yali Koren

iPhone Shooters:
Ben Giladi, Talia Berenstein, Alon Hutter, Tema Barabash, Yuval Nobelman, Ayala, Nimrod, Adam Henry, Lael Utnik, Tamar Levit, Jonathan Winkler, Shirley Eva Bahar, Asaf Cohen, Nur Tadjer, Yair “Niko” Nikolayevski, Yoni Levi, Angelo Formigini, Aya Hecht, Kim Guendelman,Danit, Mika Cohen, Yotam Guendelman, Tuval Guendelman, Mika Timor, Tal Greenberg, Amir Winkler, Mike Mushon, Romi Aboulafia, Anna Muggia, Dan Peguin, Guy Nissenhuis, Koby Mercury, Michael Muggia & Arthur Velasquez.

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