Golden Harvest

by The Film Artist
Our experience of our Harvest to share especially with you, shot with both the GH1 and the new iPhone4. Look out for the timelapse shot with the iPhone, attached to the DIY Tractor dolly with lego and blue tack.

I had full faith in my very dear friend who was driving the combine Harvester. I’m really grateful to the team of farmers who have worked around the clock, the Granary where the Wheat is finally sent, my family and Mother Nature in making this film who put up with me whilst I was shooting all of this. There was alot of material and this film is just over 6 minutes long, so please feel free to download it and watch it at your leisure. I hope you like the music, after ‘Love Madrid’ I’m hooked on the Spanish Guitar, very inspirational! 🙂 So please sit back and relax and hopefully enjoy it! :)) Many thanks for watching.


  1. Hate Luv Story – Vishal Shekhar
  2. Gyspy Kings – Insiration
  3. Oscar Lopez – Corrientes
  4. Beatles – With a little help from my friends
  5. (Sgt Peppers Lovely Hearts Club)
  6. Kites – Rajesh Roshan
  7. Nova Menco – Close to the Edge

Thanks to all the farmers, Granary & all those who helped us make this film

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