Goldilocks S01E01

Goldilocks Series

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Shot on iPhone 4 / iPod Touch
Edited in AVID
Colored in Lustre
Animation created in After Effects
Sound mixed in ProTools
Distributed through Vimeo to your iPhone 4 / iPod Touch

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Written and Directed by Anna Elizabeth James & Michael Koerbel
Executive Producers – Anna Elizabeth James, Michael Koerbel
Co-Executive Producer – Eric Edmonds
Producers – Christopher Sachs, Joe Della Rosa

iPhone Film Festival Judge
Miguel Johnson

This short film was filled with action from the very beginning. It kept me watching and wanting more. The director also found some very unique ways of filming with the iPhone. For example, 34 seconds into the short there is a scene of wine being poured into a glass. The director and his/her staff decided to place an iPhone in the glass protected by a simple sandwich bag and have the wine poured into the glass. Other directors with endless supplies of resources would have had a special glass made for the one scene, this group found a way to save money while expanding their creativity.

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