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Peter Engert
Producer | Writer | Director

In 1998, Peter Engert found it much easier to move to the United States, learn English and study Film Production at Ai’s Miami International University of Art & Design, instead of continuing to pursue his craft in post-communist Hungary. But after studying for a year and not feeling that the Film program was giving him enough real world instruction, he decided to withdraw and continue his pursuit of a film career on his own. He took seminars, made contacts and continued to hone his writing skills by completing several screenplays.

Then in 2005, Engert managed to raise money for his first feature film, The Valley of Tears. All in all, his directorial debut was a well received independent film with a strong message and was later sold to Sony Pictures.

In June 2009 Engert completed the financing for his second film, Loving the Bad Man, starring Stephen Baldwin, Christine Kelly, Antoni Corone and Arturo Fernandez which premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival and was released in 2012. Later in 2009 Engert was hired 3 days before principal photography to direct the post-apocalyptic film Aftermath starring C.J. Thomason, Edward Furlong, Monica Keena and Andre Royo, which is getting a theatrical release the summer of 2014.

Primary photo for The Horror Show    The Horror Show  2015Announced
Primary photo for The Show    The Show  2015 Announced
Primary photo for Samuel Bleak    Samuel Bleak  2013 $1.8 MM
Primary photo for Aftermath    Aftermath  2012
Primary photo for S.O.S Love! The Million Dollar Contract    S.O.S Love! The Million Dollar Contract 2011 $2.5MM
Primary photo for Loving the Bad Man    Loving the Bad Man  2010 $560K
Primary photo for Blind Alley    Blind Alley (Short)  2007
Primary photo for The Valley of Tears    The Valley of Tears  
Primary photo for Curriculum    Curriculum (Video)  2006 60K
Primary photo for Mansfeld    Mansfeld  2006 $6.5MM
Primary photo for Baleo, Baleo!    Baleo, Baleo!  2005 $500K
Primary photo for Argo    Argo  2004 $1.2MM
Primary photo for A vád    A vád  1996 $2MM
Primary photo for All Men Are Mortal    All Men Are Mortal  1995 $3MMPrimary photo for Magyarnak lenni az Egyesült Államokban II.rész    Magyarnak lenni az Egyesült Államokban II.rész  2012