Paul Kent 426

Paul Kent
VP/GM | Musician

Paul Kent, is a 30 year veteran of the technology industry. Having started his career as a self-taught programmer, he started his own consulting firm in 1984. His company, Mactivity, Inc., went on to host the well regarded Mactivity series of technical conferences and a career in event management was born.

Over the year’s Kent has contributed to and produced many of the tech industry’s groundbreaking events – Interop, InteropDotCom, Mactivity, Mactivity/Web, Mactivity/CEO, Voice on the Net (VON), ProgrammableWorld, Search, SOCKSDevCon, QuickTime Live!, The Mac Networkers Retreat and,, Macworld/iWorld.

A respected leader in the Apple market, Kent designed the renowned Macworld Conference programs since 1997.