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Johan Dijkstra
Director | Cinematographer

Johan Dijkstra
Director of Photography
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

core business: International commercials, Drama and Television
Awards: a Little More Drama – Director (Best film, IFF)
Paradise9 – DP (Best Cinematography)

My passion for photography was born when I held my mothers high8 video camera for the first time.
When I was 13 years old, during a family vacation I imagined myself as a real cameraman and created my first un-editable shorts.
After high school i went to the photographers academy: Fotonica, followed by the television academy in the Dutch media capital of Hilversum. In those days I made my first acquaintance with visual content and the art of communication through images.
I achieved my first television experience as an intern at the most famous local broadcast station in the Netherlands; AT5. In Amsterdam I learned how to combine creativity and professionalism and learned how to handle professional equipment.
After one year I started my national career as a junior cameraman at United Broadcast Facilities. As an employee I mostly worked for public and commercial news stations and set my first steps in the world of infotainment programming. Quickly I learned that my future wasn’t in the hard news or rapid television sector. I started to work for the smaller but more exclusive ‘Hoens Creative’. Over there I realized that my true passion was to be found in creating beautiful images, pieces of photographical art that are telling the story behind the content. The introduction of digital 35mm camera’s changed my point of view. Quickly I became a ‘creator’ instead of an ‘operator’, I started searching for new, creative and inspiring ways of storytelling trough my lens. Painting with light and using the camera to impress, open eyes and entertain the audience in a innovative and emotional way. Creating a imaginary world or visualize and capture a real situation as sensitive, ethical and realistically as possible..“My name is Johan Dijkstra, I am a cinematographer with a great hobby: cinematography”.