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Iván Kamarás
Actor | Cinematographer | Producer

Iván Kamarás (born 22 December 1972)is a Hungarian actor best known worldwide for his role as Agent Steel in the 2008 superhero fantasy thriller Hellboy II: The Golden Army, directed by Guillermo del Toro. In January 2011, he played a Hungarian detective, Tibor Orban, in Bloodlines, the fourth episode in the 14th series of the BBC crime drama Silent Witness.He lives in Santa Monica, California. Kamarás was born and raised in Pécs, Hungary.His mother, Teodóra Uhrik, and his stepfather, Pál Lovas, were both ballet dancers, and much of his childhood was spent in theatres. When he was seven, the family acquired a recording of the 1980 BBC production of Hamlet starring Derek Jacobi as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart as Claudius. Kamarás fell in love with the role of Hamlet and within two or three years had learned Hamlet’s monologues from the play by heart. From 1991 to 1995, he studied at the Academy of Theatre and Film in Budapest.