Christophe Nizou 469

Christophe Nizou
Director | Producer
Born in 1975 in Paris, Christophe develops early passion for writing, for stories in all
their forms. His love of photography brings him closer to cinema during teenage years. 

Guided by his attraction to ocean and navigation, Christophe works 10 years in sailboats engineering on french atlantic coast.

His passion for cinema finally gets the upper hand in 2010: Christophe left his
engineering department to live it 100%.

ESRA Paris diploma in hand, Directing department, he began in 2012 to make his first
music videos, and commercials, between Paris and Nantes.

The same year, he’s reached by Ruben Kazantsev for directing the french part of Departure project.

He currently has a medium-length film in post-production, and short and long films in

2014: L’odeur du Rutabaga (middle, post-production)
2014: Auralee “Inimitable” (music video, post-production)
2014: MADE-box (commercial)
2014: Seve “Le dernier train” (music video)
2014: Gyronautic (commercial)
2013: Gyrostep: Anywhere (commercial)
2013: Gyrostep: Urban (commercial)
2013: Departure (middle)
2013: Les fées dopent l’air (music video)
2012: Sparkling water is good, and calorie free (short)
2012: However (short)
2011: Il est minuit, et tout est normal (documentary, short)