The rules are simple:

  • Parts of the film must be shot with a mobile device, (e.g. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, GoPro, etc.) to be eligible to win.
  • There is no time requirements on cinematography, comedy, documentary, or commercials.
  • No excessive nudity or excessive profanity will be allowed. Nudity of upper body can not exceed 4 seconds and no more than 4 profane words in a film. Any films with excess obscenity are more than welcome to be uploaded to somewhere like TubeV Sex instead.
  • You cannot use copy written material unless you have a written permission to do so.
  • You can use multiple mobile devices for your film.
  • You can use any software to edit video and audio.
  • You can use any software for color correction or special effects.
  • You can use external microphone, wide angle lens, lighting, tripod, etc
  • Remember, this is a reflection of you, your work and most importantly our community.

Note: The submission deadline and information can be found at Film Freeway via