Mobile Film Making At Its Finest

With 1000’s of film submissions from over 60 countries around the world, it can only be the iPhone Film Festival. Since 2010, the iPhone Film Festival has provided an outlet for some of the world’s most talented film makers and has enabled them to showcase their work to a global audience.

As Worlds premier mobile indie film festival, we have dedicated our resources to ensuring that today’s up and coming film makers’ voices are heard and that their visions ring through for all to see and experience.

With every passing year our talented entries bring top level mobile film making into the mainstream of today’s media. We provide a platform for film makers that is encouraging, inspirational and offers the support and motivation these talented artists need to create visually appealing masterpieces that have the ability to change the world.

Being Well Known Has Its Advantages

Thanks to an extensive fan base, our popularity has grown exponentially over the past 5 years and that growth and presence transfers on to every film maker and supporter that is a part of the iPhone Film Festival. We have been featured in many of the top online, television and print magazines.



The iPhone Film Festival was started by a filmmaker for other filmmakers. There are thousands of us, talented artist that don’t have the resources that major film companies have to create a film. However, we do have our talent and most importantly we have our creative instincts. This website was designed to give artist an avenue to showoff their gifts to the world by simply using their talents, creativity, and their mobile device.


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